"Casa de la Risa" Wheelchair accessible villa

                                           Climate in Javea
Javea is reported to attract tourists from all over Europe due partly to its unique and beautiful weather. The World Health Organisation have named Javea's climate as "one of the healthiest in the world", and the town enjoys over 300 days of sunshine per year. Javea is protected from cold northern winds by the extended altitude of the Montgo Natural Park which has contributed to the great number of sunshine hours recorded per year.

A typical summer in Javea is hot with temperatures ranging between 25 and 27 C. Temperatures over 40 C have been recorded, although the cooling Mediterranean winds help to keep the temperatures bearable. Rainfall is rare in the summer with most rain occurring in November and the winter months are relatively mild and are generally still sunny. Temperatures vary but are on average around 15 C. Skies are mainly clear, and days are often sunny.
Casa de la Risa benefits from the cool mediterranean breeze which helps to keep you cool in the height of the season. The Villas unique design along with the large ceiling fans also helps to keep the Villa cool during the hot Spanish summers.
Take a look and see what the weather is like in Javea today!!
2022-01-26 12°C
2022-01-27 14°C
2022-01-28 16°C
2022-01-29 16°C
2022-01-30 18°C
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